Discount for Indian Army, Discount for Senior Citizen, Discount for Special Children

“Indian Army” — When we utter these two words, our heads get down with respect and gratitude to their sacrifice and nobility. From the icy terrain of Himalaya to the scorching heat of desert, they guard us as their family all day and night without complaining.So We, at Shri RAM Dental Care offers flat 20% discounts on all Dental treatment to our Heros.

Senior Citizen:-

We all have families and obligations of being senior citizens.
“Sr. Citizen are those who bring out the BEST in us, not the STRESS in us.”
They have done their bit for us, Now lets do our Bit for them.
So Shri RAM Dental Care, respects Sr. Citizen and provide them Flat 20% discounts on all dental related treatments.
Here we treat them like our parents and do our best for them.

Special Children:-

We respect both special children and their parents.
Children With special needs need our love and support.
So here at Shri RAM Dental Care, we as a Dentist don’t have the power to make special children’s life, “fair,” but we do have the power to make their life “joyful” by providing painless treatment at the flat discounts of 50%.