Safety of patient and our staff is our topmost priority.
In dentistry, sterilization primarily relates to processing of reusable instruments to prevent cross infection. We keep all our instruments sterilized in autoclave and also fumigate our clinic regularly. Through mouth many infections can easily spread in out body, So we use single use instruments or perfectly sterilized instruments. We, at Shri RAM Dental Care have therefore adopted the highest possible standards of infection control and sterilization into our day-to-day clinical practices.

Basic Safety Measures at Shri RAM Dental Care:

  • Maximum usage of disposable (single use) items.
  • All doctors wear gloves, masks when treating patients.
  • After contact with each patient, the gloves are removed, discarded and never reused for another patient.
  • We follow special cleaning and lubrication procedures for dental drills.
  • All dental procedures are carried out using filtered water instead of tap water.