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Periodontal Treatment, Hygiene & Air Polishing

Periodontal (Gum) disease screening at Shri Ram Dental Care Centre forms an integral part of our holistic approach to routine examination. The disease relates to inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth and as part of our screening, we are able to easily identify, using detailed investigations and X-rays, those patients at risk or who have this disease and be able to provide the necessary treatment to stabilise and improve the health of your gums.


The long term health of teeth and dental implants depends upon a high standard of daily tooth cleaning. Without regular professional maintenance, there is invariably a reduction in the level of cleaning. Most patients who have a predisposition to gum problems, and those with multiple crowns, bridges or implants, will require maintenance visits every three months. We also stock a comprehensive range of tooth cleaning aids in the practice for patients to maintain their oral hygiene.


As an adjunct to dental hygiene, we are delighted to announce that we offer ultrasonic scaling and air abrasion polishing which is an extremely innovative way of removing tenacious tartar and scaling using a pulsed stream of air, water and polish in certain proportions.


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- Franklin Roosevelt

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