A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth from extraction that is badly decayed or becomes infected. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

Multi-Process Steps

  • The very first step involves an X-ray which is taken to determine the extent and approach to infection. If required local anesthesia is administered before starting the treatment.
  • This is followed by disinfection and shaping of pulp canals. The infected pulp is cleared out completely, canals are shaped and cleaned. Thorough disinfection is achieved.
  • Clean and disinfected canals are then sealed and filled with an inert rubber-like filling material known as Gutta-Percha.


  • If you feel pain in the tooth, including tooth aches, throbbing pains and sharp pains
  • If you feel sensitivity in the tooth when you apply a pressure on it while eating or brushing or while passing hot or cold air.
  • Swelling and tenderness in nearby gums are also a sign that you need a Root Canal Treatment on that tooth.


Do Root Canals Procedures Hurt A Lot?

First RCT is done with anaesthesia, so while treatment its pain-free. Even after first sitting one feels better in pain.

How long does it take to heal?

Its depends on person to person, generally it takes 2-3 days max to fully heal after completion of treatment.

How many sittings are required for RCT?

Front teeth have one canal and the back teeth are having multiple canals, so the number of sittings are depend on the type of tooth is being treated.

Can it be done in a single sitting?

Yes, RCT expert and advance tools are require to do this, single sitting RCT is available in our clinic.

Can cavity cause RCT?

Yes, having small cavity in tooth is a start of infection in tooth. If this cavity does not get treated on time it will reach to inner layer of tooth, infect that tooth badly, needs RCT.

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Ashwini Verma
Ashwini Verma
04:27 10 Jun 20
Good treatment.
prashant gupta
prashant gupta
18:09 06 Jun 20
One the Best dentist in Noida sector 7x. Nominal fees and caring doctor
Vaibhav Dangwal
Vaibhav Dangwal
11:53 23 May 19
She explained me all the procedure very patiently, and was calm and patient all the time. She is dexterous in her... craft, of all the three times I visited her (for different dental issues) she cured each of my ailments in a single visit. She never recommended anything that was unnecessary. I highly recommended her for your dental woes.read more
pankaj sharma
pankaj sharma
08:47 06 Apr 18
i was having teeth problems. One of my friend suggested to visit Dr. Kusum. After the inspection , doctor described the... problem and answered all my queries. i got the treatment and all is good now. and the best thing is charges are nominal. Thank you doctorread more
Dushyant Tanwar
Dushyant Tanwar
15:13 26 Mar 17
I went their for root canal treatment .... And experienced a painless treatment with single sitting ...it was a... satifying treatment done by Dr Kusum... Doing Great job .... Treatment cost is also reasonable ...read more
13:49 25 Mar 17
Thanks Dr. Kusum for the great experience & quality work u have done on my teeth......I have been pleased with your... professional ...you r treated like family not just a patient . Thank u for giving me my smile back.....read more
Craft Kingdom CK
Craft Kingdom CK
17:22 24 Mar 17
Dr. Kusum is an excellent dentist. She took the time to explain every procedure she was doing. She is a professional... and has a naturally lovely personality. I would recommend Dr. Kusum to everyone. She is the best dentist I have ever had.read more
Ram Naraian
Ram Naraian
08:03 17 Oct 16
First of all its location is on on road,so no need to face street traffic. it was very good experience with doctor.... First of all the way she behaves, the way she described about the problem and treatment was very impressive. She started Root Canal Treatment and completed it within 3 siting, and i have not feel any kind of pain during treatment. Next time I will refer my parents for the treatment from this Doctor.read more
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