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Sterilization Equipment

Sterilising practices are at the very heart of any world class dental practice. At SRDCdisposable products are utilized where ever possible, instruments packed in vacuum-sealed pouches are sterilized in the most advanced autoclaves available anywhere in the world and even the air in the treatment room is sterilized prior to surgery




AIREL Nacospray Automatic Fumigator (France)

  • Fumigates the air in the operatories and the office creating a sterile environment.







Provides pure uncontaminated water




MELAquick 12+

Compact. Fast. Strong.

The new quick autoclave helps save the practice time with its processing of handpieces that conform to the hygiene standards. Handpieces and turbines, prophylactic instruments and other conventional practice instruments (as long as 20 cm) can be sterilized between treating patients, in only about 7 minutes. Using the MELAquick 12+ is the ideal alternative to sterilization of handpieces in a normal practice autoclave, with its inevitably longer cycle times.






The Elmasonic E60H Ultrasonic Cleaner

recommended by the Centers for Disease Control as the first step to remove tissue, blood and other contaminants from reusable instruments such as found in dental offices


  • Results in increased productivity and cleaning effectiveness
  • Reduces staff exposure to dangerous contamination



“A fundamental rule in technology says that whatever can be done will be done.”

- Andrew Grove

AN ISO-9001:2008 Certified Centre (a unit of DGN)