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Treatment Technology

Precise and minimally invasive treatments with state-of-the-art equipment make most treatments virtually painless.


Tri Auto-ZX

The TRI AUTO ZX is a low speed endodontic handpiece with built in apex locator. It is the only apex measuring endodonic handpiece on the market today. Mechanical root canal enlargement and the removal of gutta percha points can be performed safely and efficiently.


TRI AUTO ZX offers the optimum in fine sensitive functions. The Auto Apical Reverse and Auto Torque Reverse mechanism make this revolutionary handpiece safer than any other endodontic handpiece. It helps prevent destroying the natural configuration of the root canal and of nickel titanium files. Combined with the technology of theROOT ZX apex locator, TRI AUTO ZX gives the clinician the ability and convenience to electronically monitor the canal before, during and after instrumentation. The cordless handpiece allows maximum flexibility when reaching posterior teeth.




ATR-3000 is the result of 10 years’ experience in the design and development of electro-medical apparatus for implantology and endodontics, based on well-tested and proven technology. Its high performance combined with extreme simplicity, and provided with a new  concept pedal that represent an absolute novelty



EMS Scalers

The EMS is one of the most compact ultrasonic units. The user of the EMS fully benefits from the precision and power of the original Piezon ®technology.


Goodbye to tartar...guaranteed by the miniPiezon :

  • quick, quiet, precise and powerful
  • gentle, painless and comfortable                                           
  • tips, with that well known Swiss precision
  • Swiss engineered tips create the perfect spray pattern



Jet Polisher

JetPolisher is an Advanced Compact Clinical Air Powder Polishing Device with Patented H.S.T™ Polishing System for Stain and Plaque Removal. Has a Unique Homogenous Technology Polishing System.




The winner is the chef who takes the same ingredients as everyone else and produces the best result.

- Edward de Bono

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